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Business Computer System Support

Apple Computer Support

Apple: Think Different.

Apple is famous for incredibly beautiful, simple designs and ease-of-use of their products.

We can help you select, upgrade, or repair your Apple gear.

Recording Studios, Design Firms, and Video Studios rely heavily on Apple Hardware & Software. If you’re a service provider in one of those fields and using PC-based solutions, we can help you to move over to “the dark side”.


Our Apple Expertise
  • EB Micro offers both Apple hardware and software break / fix services
  • Operating System Updates & Security Updates
  • Apple Software Upgrades & Security Updates
  • Apple Hardware Refreshes (periodic replacements)
  • Mobile Device Software Support
Apple Support Areas
  • OS X, the Mac operating system
  • iOS, the iPhone operating system
  • Apple Computers & Mobile Devices
    • Mac
    • iMac
    • Mac Mini
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • iWhatever else…
  • Apple Software Installations & Updates
    • OS X & iOS
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Logic
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Office 365
We Use Both Platforms on a Daily Basis
  • We’ve got years of hands-on experience with both Apple and Microsoft Windows Devices
  • We use Macs in our Design, Video, and Audio Engineering departments
  • We use iPhones (and Androids)
  • We can fix what’s broken or design and deploy new solutions

Call today to schedule an on-site technical support visit, on us.

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