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Cloud Backup Solutions involve daily encrypting and uploading your data and files to private online servers also known as “the cloud”.

While working from  the local copy of your files and data for speed, the cloud backup is an off-site replication of your files and data for emergency access and restoration if needed.

These Cloud Services are provided by corporations that have invested heavily in not only massive amounts of storage media, but in redundant power, cooling, and backbone internet access, their own backups, and physical security.

Key Benefits of Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Business Continuity and Peace of Mind
  • Nightly backups of your operating files and data
  • Backups are stored off-site in the cloud
  • Backups are encrypted in transit and at rest for privacy
  • Allows for fast access to deleted or otherwise damaged or lost files
  • In some cases multiple file revisions can be accessed
  • Allows for fast recovery of crashed servers and workstations
Key Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Files are replicated in the cloud
  • Files are replicated back to servers and workstations
  • Multiple live synchronized copies of your files and data exist
  • Remote access to files from anywhere
  • Enhances collaborative efforts
  • Easy file sharing with clients
Worst-Case Scenario
  • The worst-case scenario is a business that loses all its files and data because they haven’t been backing up regularly, or not periodically testing restores from backups. The impact can include lost orders, sales, financial data, product photos, inventory control, payroll, and more.
  • For various reasons, many businesses are forced to close in this situation.
  • This is a relatively low-cost, preventable occurrence.
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  • We can review and improve your current backup strategy
  • If you’re not backing up we can design a solution for you


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