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Business Computer System Support

Network Support

The Network is the pulse of your business.

We live in a connected world. Your business flow depends on the network.

When the Network is down, everything is down.

When business operations grind to a halt it costs you. Many businesses are faced with the reality that they’ve built a Showtime Rotisserie “Set It and Forget It” computer network! Nobody knows where the documentation is, and it’s usually because there isn’t any. Now you’re paying the next tech to figure out what the first tech did, and what’s plugged in where, sometimes at emergency service call rates.

The Solution?

Documenting the network, and predicting and correcting problems before they happen.

It’s that simple. Bring us in now, before a breakdown. We’ll stick labels on “all the things”, map out your network, and store the docs in a shared cloud folder, accessible from any of your locations. While we’re there we can review what you have in place and determine if any changes should be made sooner rather than later, and map out a plan.

Don’t leave your network vulnerable to preventable down time. 

Network Services
  • Wired Networks
  • Switches & Routers
  • WiFi
  • VPN Access
  • Remote Access
  • 2 Factor Authentication Access
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Security Updates
  • Upgrades & Refreshes
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